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Oct 18, 2017

Finally, we decided to record someone. Dr Andrew Weatherall with a new contributor, Dr Blair Munford. 

So we always meant to include the occasional podcast. Finally it might happen. This episode features Dr Blair Munford, whose career in prehospital and retrieval medicine started back in the mid-80s when flight suits probably required shoulder pads and big hair. Blair should be dropping by pretty regularly but this is an introduction with a reflection on a bit of history and a few tales of a life in retrieval (all de-identified and with clearance previously provided).

Anyway, it's a long history (if you want to get some sense of it if you drop by CareFlight's publications page you can see him way back at the start, around the time he was kicking off with descriptions of the CareFlight stretcher bridge in 1990).

Intro and outro music under Creative Commons via the Free Music Archive. The intro is from 'Only Instrumental' by Broke for Free. The outro is 'Lewd' by Just Plain Ant.