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Nov 2, 2015

In this episode Alan Garner sits down with Andrew Weatherall and discusses a bit about Traumatic Cardiac Arrest and an approach that's been at CareFlight for a couple of years (and has just been revised). 


It also gets into a bit about Carebundles for guidelines and the AAJT. 


Aug 8, 2015

In this first episode, Dr Alan Garner and Dr Andrew Weatherall chat about decompressing the chest in the setting of prehospital pneumothorax. It's a chat to go over the reasons a clinician might choose to act, the role of ultrasound in the process, and a walk through the evidence (or what little evidence there is) on the pros and cons of various techniques for chest decompression and maintaining the effect of that first chosen technique. No one technique is perfect because they all have complications that matter. It might be that what we really need is better evidence.